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Conventional and Improvised Self-Defense Weapons 101

In the realm of self-defense, there are a lot of self-defense weapons that you can choose from. You can quickly find facts about various kinds of weapons ranging from the acient times like bows and arrows, to those that are used in the current times like pepper sprays and handguns.

Every personal self-defense weapons have its own unique size and shape. Actually, anything that is portable and can be utilized to protect yourself may be considered as a self-defense weapon. There are the conventional weapons, mace and pepper spray, stun gun and tasers, kubotans and batons, knives, and of course the ultimate self defense weapon, the handgun.

Pepper sprays or mace are self-defense weapons that are sprayed on the attacker’s face. It can temporarily disable the person when the chemicals hit their eyes, nose and respiratory system.

Stun guns are also useful self-defense weapons.

Its strong electrical voltage can shock the muscles of the attacker. As a result, the assailant’s blood sugar is depleted making that person unable to move.

Batons and kubotans are well-known self-defense weapons. Both are wielded against assailants. Both of these weapons are brandished against an assailant. The only difference is kubotans are highly effective pressure point weapons while the baton is used to hit any parts of the body as long as it dissuades the assailant from carrying out his motives.

Bladed weapons like knives are also effective self-defense weapons. They are not highly utilized but the moment they are exposed, it gives the attacker second thoughts.

The most controversial self-defense weapon is the handgun. It can inflict much damage and easily cause death.

Self-defense weapons are not always available for everyone so you should know how to create an improvised self-defense weapon like a rolled up magazine or newspaper. You can also utilize walking sticks or canes to ward off attackers.

A useful improvised self-defense weapon is a mobile phone with a built-in camera. They can identify their attackers with the camera at the same time report crime by calling the police.

If you don’t have a knife with you, common sharpened objects like pens and pencils can also be considered as a self-defense weapon.

You can also utilize your belt to lash at your attacker.

Strategy is important when using a self-defense weapon so know when is the right time to fight or walk away.

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