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Choosing A Self-Defense Product To Buy

Self-defense products are items that can be utilized for the purpose of self-defense. Self-defense products are comparable to insurance polices because both of them can assure your security. Purchasing a self-defense product can boost your confidence since you can feel safe if you have one.

When selecting what self-defense product to buy, do not ever forget that portability is the key. You should be able to carry or have your weapon with you at all times. You also have to ensure that the self-defense product that you own will not fail when you need it the most. It’s no use carrying it around if it won’t work on a dangerous situation.

There are various types of self-defense products. One type is the electronic self-defense products such as stun guns and tasers. They can restrain movement by sending out a strong electrical charge. This self-defense product affects the target’s nervous system by depleting the blood sugar, which immediately immobilizes the person.

Some individuals choose pepper sprays as their self-defense products. They are unintimidating to use and less violent in effect.

It is an aerosol that contains an inflammatory agent extracted from capsicum or hot peppers.

The capillaries swell up when the eyes, nose or parts of the respiratory system are hit by the liquid steam or mist, foam or gel. Eyes are forced shut and the target have a hard time breathing.

It is a very effective self-defense product because it can instantly cause general disorientation.

Some pepper spray even contain dyes that can help the police find the assaulter.

An additional self-defense product is the baton. The steel baton can easily disable the attacker by making him or her unconscious when hit in the head. Professional training and classes on the usage of baton is recommended.

Keep in mind that the self-defense product’s function is to prevent an attack and immobilize the assailant. You are entitled to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your properties as well.

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