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Basics of Self Defense Fighting

With regards to self-defense fighting, the most significant thing to keep in mind is to always use common sense. The reason is that common sense will make you remember the following advices that will help you survive against aggressors in real life combat. All you must do is understand the facts and truths with regards to fighting.

In self defense fighting, if you are assaulted by a person with a weapon and is insisting that you give your belongings like bag, jewelry, wallet, or mobile phone, it is advisable that you just give them to the person. In this case, the opponent has the upper hand so better give up the material thing in exchange for serious injury. Your life is worth more than those items anyways so it’s better not to try a fancy self-defense move.

Keep in mind that in self-defense fighting, the real world is not the same as the make-believe world. The martial arts that you see on movies are not really practical in the real world. It is impossible to catch a bullet with your mouth, much more disarm a wild maniac with a slick move named after some animal Do not forget that movie fighting is staged so it is not a good idea to ever imitate it.

In self-defense fighting, it is crucial to think and take action even when under stress. You can experience getting hit in the gym but always wear safety gears like helmets to prevent serious damage. Practice absorbing hits, taking shots, dishing out your own brand of punches and shots while concentrating on your next moves. You must have the ability to fight under pressure without losing your nerve. Focus and concentration can help you withstand punches and kicks at the same time retaliate with maximum impact.

Last but not the least, in street fighting, you can win even when you are disadvantaged by fighting dirty. In brawls, you can sometimes find yourself facing someone who is bigger or heavier. If you have the chance to kick or punch the person in the groin, then by all means go for it. Pulling the hair, biting the limb, or poking the eye is allowed since there are no rules.

Do not forget that there is no beauty in fighting so if you can stay out of a brawl, avoid the confrontation. This doesn’t mean you’re weak if you turn the cheek, you don’t have to fight to prove you’re tough.

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