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All About Female Self Defense

Women are always vulnerable in this dangerous world that we live in. Women are the usual victims of violence and they are more likely to be harmed by someone that they know rather than a stranger. Therefore it is vital for them to learn female self defense in order to empower them and prevent others from hurting them.

There are numerous tip and techniques that are designed for female self-defense. What’s important is that women should know that female self-defense begins with a state of mind, the ability to sense danger, and what to do when that situation arises.

Evasion is generally what the primary female self-defense instructs. When facing a perilous situation, it is advisable to run, hide, or attract attention. It is only when you are cornered that you should fight your assailant.

Women can go to martial arts classes and gain relevant knowledge from trustworthy sources. There are programs regarding personal safety and also classes that teach people how to defend themselves physically. Teachers are trained to help women on how to defend against an assailant , what techniques should be utilized, and these techniques are taught at a supportive and safe environment.

Female self-defense will educate you the vulnerable body parts that should be focused upon when they are attacked such as the groin, the knees, and the eyes.

The use of self-defense weapons is also an option for female self-defense. Other than using a variety of martial arts techniques, they can also utilize self-defense products like mace, tazers, stun guns, improvised weapons like a mobile phone, magazines, umbrellas, or even the ultimate self-defense weapon, a hand gun.

Women must always be aware that danger lurks everywhere so it is important for them to be prepared and follow their intuition to stay safe. They must not try their lucks in dark isolated places and avoid carrying things that looks expensive since it can possibly catch the attention of dangerous people. It is also an important practice to keep your house doors and cars locked at all times.

The core of female self-defense is staying calm and being prepared at all times, and clear-thinking even in the face of a perilous situation. This will give you the upper hand over any potential aggressors.

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