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Aikido Self Defense 101

Morihei Ueshiba established the Japanese martial art Aikido. In Aikido he integrates his religious studies, philosophy and of course martial studies into one complete discipline. Aikido self-defense is all about guarding yourself while keeping the attacker from being injured.

Going with the motion of the attacker while altering the direction of the force of attack rather than going against it is how you perform aikido self-defense. This process is requires only minimal strength because the defender uses the attacker’s momentum in entering and turning movements. The moves also consist of many throws as well as joint locks. Aikido self defense pertains to the principle of utilizing the attacker’s movement for the goal of redirecting their actions with only little energy.

The religious inspirations of Aikido self-defense also characterize its philosophy. To be able to accomplish Utopia in one’s life, one must provide love and empathy to those people who wants to inflict pain to others. Aikido applies this principle in its self-defense practice of receiving an attack and changing its course without hurting the aggressor.

It is a preferred outcome as both the receiver and assailant are left unhurt.

It you want to study aikido self-defense, you must comprehend that it is very much like other self-defense disciplines; it entails devotion to both physical and mental training. The first step is to learn how to safely fall or roll because majority of the aikido discipline consists of throws. Offensive moves are comprised of grapples and strikes while defensive techniques are made up of throws and pins. For conditioning purposes, aikido concentrates on relaxation, flexibility and endurance with less emphasis on strength. This is due to the reason that Aikido concentrates more on pushing or extending instead of blocking or contracting.

The mental aspect of Aikido self-defense is also quite similar with other self-defense philosophies.

Remaining calm under pressure is an important aspect of aikido. Aikido believes that the mind and the body must be peaceful even in the face of imminent danger. It is imperative for an aikido practitioner to perform self defense techniques with confidence and exact directness.

Aikido’s philosophy encompasses not only self-defense but a way of life wherein self-protection not only includes oneself but the attacker as well, it is a self-less martial art discipline that can be applied to our way of life.

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